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People are so different! Out beliefs, our mannerism, our lifestyles, our ideas, thoughts, etc...we were not all created the same. We are all built differently. That Is what makes This Life, This World so beautiful. 
However no matter how hard we try there are people who will continuely want to disagree and get under your skin or belittle you. For some reason they need to feel superior, they want to be soo against you that they make that extra little effort.
How do we handle that?!! Should we fight back? Take the high road?  I can't answer that. In my struggles I want to fight back! I need too! I can't be taken advantage of! I can't let them think they are right!!! But then I think...why do I even bother? They are so unhappy with there life that maybe I can "save" them by not fighting? Maybe they need the validation more than I ever do!
I've had my share of struggles and getting to that happy place takes time. Maybe we can not take things so personally. Maybe one step at a time. Maybe we can learn to love each other and not be against each other! And if all else fails remember....

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