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Social Media & My Hopes

I'll be honest... This whole social media era scares me! And I have been so against it for such a long time. I thought it's just too much for me..and no I don't need that nonsense!!

But then here I am making a blog, having a FB page and loving "Pinterest" (Oh my goodness,, so many ideas there I can't help myself). I've even recently joined the "Twitter" world. 

Now wait Twitter was thanks to my tween who wanted an account to follow his Sports-playing idols. I mean he sees it every dang time he watches a game; a player is "tweeting" something! Ok that's fine, but I have to do it with know make sure I follow and keep an eye on it ;) 

I guess in conclusion I cannot judge and I cannot keep away from it. It can be fun and it is an outlet for me to write. Something I have ALWAYS wanted to do! I want to inspire people, encourage people, share my stories, make you laugh sometimes and just give a little light into the world.


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