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Spread Love not Evil

Often I have a hard time getting through my day. It becomes very hard for me to press forward when I hear/read something on the news that's evil. The kind of evil that will literally make me sick. I have to stay away from it as much as I can because it brings too much feelings of anxiety, anger, sadness, depression and I can't shake that to easily. 

I pray and I give thanks for my life and my situations and I feel helpless to find a way to make a change in our world.
Yet I sit here and I realize that to make a change I have to not let the evil overpower me. I cannot be afraid and I cannot allow myself to let the demons take over my life. Isn't that what the evil wants?! To take over and have everyone hate each other , resent each other, kill and hurt each other....
Well that will not be me! I will fight through and I will love my neighbor. I will stand up for those who hurt and JUST BE HAPPY! Happiness is what our world needs. 

*Smile at someone and you may just make their entire day. We don't realize the power we have on each other and how we can really change this world with kindness. Being an ear to listen to someone may prevent an evil from overcoming them! 

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