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Who Am I

As I had wrote my post in honor of  'Women's Day' on the 8th, I had originally started it with a whole different perspective. I had began to write about my weekend as duties of being a mother and how women take on this role that is a constant battle of emotions with kids. THEN I realized: 
Well not all women have kids yet and some may never have any at-all!  Being a women is not just defined as being a Mother or a Wife as I am.

This challenged me to sit back and think about "Who AM I" as an individual?!  Truth is I have lost myself many times! I fight for it back and hopefully this time since I am writing it down, I will not lose me again. SO here goes...

My name is Jeanette. I am 29 and I am a Leo sign. --------->

I love to Read and I love to Write. I love to Dance and I love Music. I love my Wine and love my Coffee.
I like to get Dressed-up, wear Heels, and a full face of Make-up; but I like to be a Hermit most-days. I like the Beach but not the Sand. I like to stay Organized and keep Busy. I like to Act on new Ideas. I don't like a lot of attention. I am Loud but also very Quiet. I am more of a Listener than a Talker. I like to Laugh and make you Laugh. I wear my Feelings on my Sleeves. Sometimes I am Not very Nice and sometimes I am Too Nice. I am the First to pick you up if you fall and the Last to leave you alone. 

I am a Warrior! I have been broken and torn down but I am still here! My struggles have made me strong , my mistakes have made me wise.
BUT these words do not describe all of me. As I live I will continue to change and continue to find a new part of me.

 Leaving You With Some Thoughts


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  1. Best post yet❤️ I think you are AMAZING and nothing short of it. You are the best sister who was made with an exceptional feature of having the greatest ear to listen to all my venting. You are perfect the way you are. Embrace it and never change.💗


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