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Marriage- 10 years later

Happy Wednesday,
So last week was my 10 year Marriage Anniversary. I don't get mushy about these kind of things, don't worry I am not like that. I am not going to get all crazy personal either in this but I do want to give a dose of reality behind a marriage that is important. Especially those who maybe are just starting out. I am a realist, I preach truth!

First off, my hubby and I have been together a total of 12 years. This is no crazy long amount of time but seriously in this day and age, it is an accomplishment. Even considering the fact to that their has been no break with us. We have never left each others side...ever! Even though at-times I have really wanted to take off, for real, it never happened. I don't know whether we have stayed more because we love each other too much or our own pride wouldn't allow us. Either way maybe I'm glad it has not happened. 

In short for us; In 12 years we have had 3 kids, moved 8 times, started a business, have had countless arguments and contemplated divorce a few times too...But we always decide to stay together and we find that we only continue grow. That alone has built so much respect and love between us that our fight to stay together is that much stronger.

Marriage is no fairytale. If it starts out that way, it will not continue to be. You can argue that all you want but throw in some kids, mortgages, car loans, bills, jobs...along with your personal changes and growth as an individual, and you will find that your fairytale path is having some witches and stumbles along the way. Everything will change no matter big or small. You will find yourself questioning everything that you never thought you would. Agreements can turn to arguments and Arguments to laughs.....And yet, 10 years later, you may find, goes by so fast that perhaps all the rocks you have stumbled upon are smaller then the bigger picture.

Someone asked me what my best advice was for marriage and all I could say was Communication. Without anger! Without resentment! You must be able to talk to each other freely without being afraid. I also said that your spouse doesn't always need to know everything. That to me is a mistake; knowing and telling each other every detail that does not matter. You will figure out what matters and what does not. We all still need to live our own lives. Do our own things and continue to be who we are. Yes marriage binds two as one, but you cannot lose yourself in the process. You do not need to do everything together! For Real!!

An ex co-worker of mine once told me something that I will never forget and find to be quite true about marriage:
"At 5-6 years you will question "If this marriage was what I thought; If there is something better"
At 10-12 years you will question "Is this it; Do I really want this to be the rest of my life"
After that its an investment..."
LOL I love it!

I am no expert and we still have a long way to go. But these are my best words now.
Just Don't Give Up! Keep Pushing Forward!

BTW this was some Anniversary gifts from the Hubs! See 10yrs pay off ;)
Diamond Earrings & Fossil watch w/ bracelets
Same flowers from my Wedding Day 


  1. Happy Anniversary!! The years do fly by. Wow! You guys are ancient😝

  2. That was really a good read!! Love ya girl!!


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