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Reasons To Love Your Hair


Admittedly I used to hate my hair! Growing up I wished that it was everything that it wasn't.

You know that hair that stays slick-straight! The hair that looks good with any style cut?!
Well that was what i wished for and prayed for growing up. Mine was Bushy, Tangly, Frizzy, Thick, Heavy and holy heck was it a pain in the ass to style AND it still is!!

However I sit here now at 30 and I think why do I hate it so much? Why did I let this bother me so much growing up..Because I compared myself to everyone else? Everyone who does not have my Indian, Mexican, Puerto Rican roots!
I have fried my hair countless times with all these tools just to make me someone I'm not!

But I have finally slowly learned to Love It. I can walk out of the house and (almost) be comfortable with it. Just needs a little frizz-taming and careful handling lol!!

This is me and these are the reasons why I Love my hair and you should Love Your Big Hair too!

1) People pay big bucks for this hair!
I mean seriously...Extensions, Hair products, Vitamins. They all want this 'beach hair' 'bed head' ..isn't that a thing now?!

2) The hair is yours!
It doesn't belong to anyone else. You cannot alter it. They can not take it, for it will always, always grow back!

3) Your hair is reflected of you
You were created with something that makes you you. Your "lions mane" as I call it, shows so much about who you are. Your heritage!

4) Hair is Strong
My hair has endured so much trauma that I am still amazed at how much I have and how much it still grows and how strong it stays!
SO just love the hair you wear ! At-least while you still got it ;)

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