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Tips for Hair Growth

A couple quick tips if your growing your hair out! I cut my hair 10 months ago to mid-neck length, A-line cut. The first month I loved it! The next ummmm not so much... I have worked my booty off to maximize the growth and this is what I've done:

-Biotin supplements. 1000mcg about 2-3x a day. Biotin is a B vitamin that encourages hair, skin & nail health. My nails, if anything, are so much stronger because of it!
-Protein. Lots of proteins! Protein stimulates hair growth. Just as it does your muscles.
-Coconut Oil. Massaging the coconut
Oil into your head helps absorb the nutrients and stimulate hair growth. Also keeping it from splitting.
-Biotin/Collagen/Keratin shampoo & conditioner by Organix. This stuff works great!!
-Keep hair loose and not in pony or bun as often as you can
-Wash hair every 3 days or longer if possible
-Drink Lots of Water !!!!

This is of course what I did and what I can recommend to you but all people are different.
FINALLY my hair is back to where I finally like it and not that ugly in-between lenght. 
Summer locks here I come ;)

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