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2015 Year of Change

As May is now coming to an end, I am finding myself in quite a process.  A re-birth if you will.

You see this year is a year of many changes. 
2015 feels something like a dream. Not like an "all my dreams came true" dream...this is more of a "foggy, fast-paced, can't quite remember or keep up with what's happening" dream!

Like I don't even know where to start! 
OK I suppose I'll just put them in order of happenings and go on from there:

1) Started this blog
2) 10 Year Marriage Anniversary
3) Registered to get back to school
4) 30th birthday 
5) Oldest child entering middle school 

1) First off, I started this blog back in February. With no clear direction of where I am going with it. All I know is that this was something I have wanted to do for a very long time but never had the balls to do it. For some reason putting myself out there scared me.. Luckily my husband encouraged me to the point that I just DID IT! I am so happy I took the plunge but seriously so much to learn, to do, to write! I love it!

2) Yes you read that right! 10 years have I been married now. 10 years that flew by! Coming to that realization in April made me pretty damn proud that I stuck with this after having got married at 19, living through my 20s , going through all the craziness with this same guy that I meet when I was only 17 years old! So far I have not just become another statistic in the 'young married/young divorced' table.  We are still thriving!

3) School has been an on/off thing for me. I am not afraid to admit that it gets really hard juggling everything and I ain't no super-mom by any means! My classes are limited to 1 or 2 MAX per semester.. I had taken the spring off because I started working. Then things were just too much that I decided that what I was doing for work was not worth it and I Kick myself over and over for choosing money over school; Which puts me 1 semester (2courses) behind where I should be!

4) August will be the month that I turn 30! 30!! Overall I am not like freaking out about it. I feel young, I look young and I have no problem being 30. But thinking now that every year after this I will be going over that and NEVER be 20 again..that freaks me out. I have even noticed little things this past year that have made me realize that my body is changing; may not be anything drastic but look I see it, I feel it.   So officially I have decided that this year Ill be 29 ;) and Ill continue being 29 for every year after that!

5) A Middle-Schooler...Me with a Middle-Schooler? Yikes!! Since when did that happen!! Honestly I can't even explain to you how this feels. My first born is on his way to becoming a man in this world. I know I have raised him well; I have no worries with him. Yet the fact that he will face many challenges and changes , that WE will be entering into a new process of life, just makes life function at a different level then it did before. YES this does make me feel older! He is practically my size already!

--I don't know but it seems that this year is a turning point in my life. I could almost say "Mid-Life Crisis" here but seriously I am only going be 30! I guess I just did not quite realize that 2015 would be such a big year. Not only do I have these changes going on but we are only half way through and I have really started to see many things in a whole new light; Health, Family, Friendships, Finance. Or better yet I've come to realizations. This year has so far been a roller-coaster and I cannot quite seem to keep it together.
Perhaps maybe my overall being is preparing to take on these new challenges, these new phases. These changes might be something more for myself! For it seems as though my complexities are stronger then ever! 

This year, maybe, is about ME finding/being ME. I don't exactly know how this is to be or what it is to be but I do know one thing; This blog has been a start. And maybe that is it....
Starting this blog has opened my eyes to my life, to this year. Writing, as I have not done in a very long time, has allowed me to slow down and to accept that these changes are really happening...And So Am I!

Cheers to a life ever-changing, ever-evolving, never-stopping and Me Keeping Up!

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