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Do you spend alone time with your Children: Why You Should

Took a trip with the Toddler yesterday (I suppose I shouldn't call him Toddler anymore since he's sure turning into a little person. Preschooler?). Anyway we went to the local zoo. 

When I say zoo I don't mean anything big and fancy. This is a desert zoo. Technically the name is "The Living Desert"    
Not tons of animals, its a desert of course-Animals that cannot adapt to this heat are no where near this place. The most exciting animals here are Giraffes, Zebras, Cheetahs, Ostrich, Vultures, and other smaller African desert animal.
I am not trying to take away from this zoo. It has other cool features like the huge model train display that my son lived at. A cute little park with a couple slides, picnic benches, spider web climbing-things, animal statues that the kids can climb/sit on and of-course the whole thing is like a sandbox. (My preschooler didn't care for anything except digging in the sand with the buckets/shovels.) Next door to that is a cute little carousel. (Preschooler didn't go near that either; the animals were looking kinda fierce.
They also offer camel rides, animal feedings, summer camps, interactive play, all that other stuff a zoo a may offer. 
The best part...the people that work there are Amazing! Friendly, knowledgeable and they were awesome at talking to and trying to engage my preschooler into the activities.

Despite all my sons hesitations to do or see anything besides the park, the train, the butterflies, the birds, and the Meerkats (yeah that's all he liked) it was a trip well worth it. 

I do not always realize how pleasant it is to spend alone time with just 1 kid. No arguments. No yelling, No fussing, No complaining. We just did what we, HE, wanted to do. 

Being that I am mainly a stay-at-home mom I do get a lot of time with my preschooler while the olders are at school but I am usually so busy with life that I realize that is not real time. Being preoccupied with over-flowing laundry and dishes, cleaning toilets and floors and rooms, helping hubby with the business, my own school homework during semester...this is not time spent.
Don't get me wrong, I do not neglect my kid. We do have good quality-connecting time at home. We play, do crafts, have school-time, all that fun stuff. 

Yet I find that this 'home-time' is more of building the foundations of trust, love and a good support system. Yes, That should always come first! 
However as the kids grow that trust, love and support must be experienced and gained outside the home. You have to take those foundations and build upon them.

This time spend alone and away from the home develops so much more of a connection between the two of us. We seem to learn from each other and understand each other on a deeper level. 

Without the hassle of everyone else around us to interrupt, life feels a little more free. There is less boundaries, more topics to discuss and their personalities as individuals really come out. 

I have realized that this 'alone-time' brings that ever-present barrier down. You know the barrier, that guard you have with your siblings. That fight for attention, watching what you say and always needing to defend yourself....I Grew up with 3 siblings and I was a middle child. I know what that barrier feels like.

Even for myself as a mom, it's nice. I am not being pulled all different directions as usual. Less stressed, more open, calm, able to breathe slower, and I am sure that makes the kids at-ease with me too!

My 3 kids range from preschooler to tween which means they are different stages in life. The support that each child needs varies. Getting one away from everyone else to talk about life or just laugh makes all the difference. Kids need to know they can count on you and always have that little connection/BOND that cannot be broken. 

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