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BlogLovin - I am official

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Just got my "BlogLovin" account set up :)
If you don't know what BlogLoving is, as I did, it is a website that allows you to follow blogs by displaying them on your page feed. It is easier to "follow" if you like multiple blog reads and Easier to read without interruption.

Of-course they also have an app that allows easy reading and controlling from your phone. I think it's much nicer then email updates since you can get them all in one space. I don't know what else is out there but this set up is nice.

If you are a have to input your information and blog address to be in the systems. Originally I didn't find my blog and figured that out. But it is Super easy to do and gives you another outlet!
Anyone else on there? 
Let me know so I can follow!
And if you are on there,, Please follow me ! 

If you are unfamiliar with may be worth it to check it out!

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