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Inpsiration From A Child's Perspective

 This is my 3yr old son. Their are many reasons I admire him over anyone else and here's why: 
He is not afraid to live. He loves what he loves freely. He does not worry about judgement for he does not know it yet. He smiles, he laughs and he is the kindest little soul you'll meet. There is no evil in his eyes, no worry for tomorrow. He lives for today!  

Currently he has found a love for his monster trucks. I have never seen him so imaginative. These trucks have brought out an imagination he never had before; A Passion! His words "I want to be big to drive a monster can I be big?" Yes his dreams are bigger then mine.
  Other kids who don't understand his passion,, he does not care. He plays and soon enough the other kids come around to play too. His love entices curiosity in others.

He is only 3 but I look up to him. - Living without fear. Loving without worry. Living in the moment. Accepting differences. - When will we stop worrying about all the things that really Do Not matter!! 

 Enlighten your perceptions of Yourself. As we grow into adults we are constantly faced with so much pressures of the world. We lose our passions that we had as children. I encourage you find your passion, hold on to it and don't let it go. Work for it even under all the adversity you may face. Your passions, your love will inspire others. Just as my son does to those who initially may reject him. Maybe we should all just learn to love again as children do.

 Mason - my Inspiration my Love

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