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Kid-Attitude: Where have my Happy Little kids gone

Today...Oh Today was a challenge!

What is it with kids and their attitudes these days?! More importantly why do my kids think they can do it?  Granted it does not happen often but this morning  it was Total KidTude-mode

Not even just from 1 of them, both the sassy-pants and the tween were in full effect. They both literally woke up with rolling eyes.

First it was Sassy-pants who got mad because she thought I said she was running late. So when she walked into the kitchen and seen it was still early she smacked her lips, rolled her eyes and proceeded with a smart-tone of "MOM YOU TOLD ME I WAS LATE!"

Then the tween who got mad because I made him take a different flavor gatorade to school, slammed it on the counter, made an 'ugh' sound and tried to stomp off! (Later he said he "really liked the flavor" mmm-hmm that's right LOL)

This happened all in less then an hour, before it was even 7:30AM !!

I will give my kids a lot of credit here. They are both very well-behaved, calm, respectful kids. They hardly talk-back, they stay on top of their school work and they seriously have the best manners. I am very proud of what they are turning into.

Now OK Sassy-pants is sassy, yes! My tween he , well he is a boy so he gets loud! But this attitude I get sometimes from out of no-where! I mean they are only 8 and 10 years old. Not even teenagers yet. OH and this fighting, over what seems like nothing, is Out-Of-Control! They bicker over everything and nothing at all!

What is it that is making our kids grow-up at hyper-speed?
I mean I could literally sit here and make a list of all my theories to that question. But we could never definitively have an answer. This 'KidTude' is not going to go away.

OK I have noticed that my kids do have the same attitudes they had as babies. That sounds crazy but after having my third I think I've really noticed the link. They are born with different personalities , different attitudes that follow them as they grow.  I think if you really pay attention to your babies and toddlers you will see it. 

However the attitude that comes with rolling-eyes and a bad mouth...NO, no that's not what they are born with. 
That is learned. 
That is testing out the waters. 
That is frustrations and hormones. 

Look I am a first-timer going through this action. It catches me off-guard! It drives me crazy and my patience gets tested. My kids are growing up! They are in the beginning stages of trying to figure out who they are. They are not 'little' kids anymore and I think they know that as much as I do. 

I feel like we are in a transitional phase now, that will most likely last through middle school. 3rd-4th grade have seemed to be the kicker. Both my kids by this grade have almost got rid of the toys and moved onto other 'older' things. They now want sports tickets, clothes, hair accessories, hats, shoes, posters, CDs, wallets, purses, Certain brand of socks... What a different world , happened so fast!

I remember when people used to tell me that Kids get easier as they get older. 
That to me, is a lie! It does not get easier. It is way harder!
Sure I don't have crying babies in diapers anymore but I do have attitudes! I have a job of checking their attitudes at the door and keeping them grounded when things get out of control. My list of worry is now 10x longer and I am now in charge of molding them and prepping them for life! 

Fingers crossed...this Momma is doing her best!


  1. I swear we just blink and these kids age another year. Hopefully that means that the dreaded teenage years will at least fly by :P

    Great post!

    1. OH god I am not looking forward to it LOL!
      Thanks for reading :)

    2. im having the same problem. It's so much harder as they get older, they are so emotional it's overwhelming. I miss the days where you put them in the middle of a blanket and they would stay put and you dreaded the day they started crawling outside the blanket. Even the diapers days, at least at that time they didn't piss all over the seat!! Haha. Tougher pill to swallow is how I realized my persons get all their attitudes from yours truly haha. Great post. I love you so much! Natali

    3. Love you too Natali! OH yeah my kids are a double of me. The little one is me x3!

  2. I hear you on the attitude! At the core my kids are really really good kids. That being said, they are not perfect and the attitude that comes with almost makes me want to beat that ass. I said "almost."
    We gotta put in the grunt work for a (hopefully) great outcome.


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