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Product Review: Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

Hey guys! So I wanted to share with you all my take on the new Maybelline Fit Me Foundation. 

Now I usually never buy drugstore foundation. I seem to have the hardest time finding my color and I always felt like they irritated my skin or didn't have enough coverage or something. So for the past 12 years I have went strictly with MAC, Bareminerals and more recently Mary Kay. 
A few weeks ago I ran out of my foundation. I didn't have the time to run down to the mall so I went to the closest CVS to find an Hold-me-over. Don't get me wrong, I buy other drugstore products all the time. Mascaras, Concealers, Blushes, skincare products, etc.. Anyway I have found that Maybelline make-up hardly disappoints me so I went straight to that display and began my hunt. 

Immediately I was drawn to the "Fit Me" arsenal of products and let me tell you I stood there for what felt like hours trying to choose! 

I will spare you all the details of my quest but I will tell you that I went back to that store about 5 times trying to find the perfect color...or colors in my case. I literally sat here researching and watching You-Tubers (BeautyBloggers) just to see what colors they were using if there skin tone was a close match to mine. I mean this was a PROCESS!!

First off I have naturally tan skin with warm/neutral under-tones. I am of mixed decent - Hispanic, Indian, Puerto Rican, Italian- so my skin is not really one-sided. 

Often times I think I look yellow in winter...I get real tan in summer but still can burn quite easily! My skin is sensitive and mostly dry but some days it is oily so I never know which way to go with that. I also live in the desert which goes from one extreme to another with the cold and heat. So that affects my skin.

In the end I purchased both the liquid foundations:
Matte+Poreless - For Normal to Oily skin
Dewy+Smooth - For Dry skin

First 2 bottles are the Dewy+Smooth 

This I got in color 238-Rich Tan.
Matches my skin tone perfect. Although I feel like I may need a darker color once we are full-swing into the summer months. I apply with a kabuki brush as it helps blend it all in. It dries pretty quickly and carries more coverage. Very Happy with the flawless results!

238 - Rich Tan

238 in different lighting

Now here I had to mix 2 colors  240-Golden Beige & 310-Sun Beige
The 240 was pretty alone but it seemed as though it was too orange and knowing that summer is here, I know I'd darken up. Now the 310 seemed like it was too dark right now and nothing in between worked for me so I figured why don't I mix them? Turned out great!
What I like about this is that I can add a little more of one of the shades as my skin tans or UN-tans (if that's a word haha) 
I love this Dewy+Smooth! The skin glows and it has SPF 18 in it. This is more of a lighter coverage foundation. I feel like it does take a little longer to dry.

You can see the color difference here
240/310 Mix
Side-Note-Important to remember! Anything ending in a 
0 - Warm tones
5 - Cool tones

Overall I do like both these foundations and I wear them for different days dependent upon what I am doing. They don't seem much different from my usual foundations except for maybe the smell. Which is not a bad smell or anything. They do not seem to irritate my skin at-all and they seem to last me all day. Although I do not work often outside the home so I can't say that it last all day for a 8-9 hour work day. But it works for me! 
Plus the price is amazing. I got my foundation from CVS for about $8.99 each but it was all Buy one, Get one Half-Off! YAY!! 

I hoped I helped you out! If you think your skin color is closest to mine I'd recommend these colors! I hope I've saved you some work!! Any Questions? Please ask! I am no expert but I can help.


Pictured is other random stuff I picked up while on my 5 shopping trips.
Foundation stick in 330 to "try" this contouring phenomenon and the 230 powder that was too light but finding a use for it ;)

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