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Support, Love, Encouragment

This post is in response to a fellow bloggers post I read the other day.. Finding that I relate to that post in so many ways.

I have some unease in my heart. Realizing all the un-supportive people in this world breaks my heart for humanity. I am guilty of sometimes loving too much. Putting myself in a situation where I give my all only to come up short on the receiving end.

You see I thrive off of being there for people. My nature to nurture those around me often put me in precarious situations. I don't mind because the bigger picture is making sure I do my all to keep one from falling. 

I have fell down that dark path before MANY , Many times and I didn't have anyone there; but I am grateful for that because I am now a much stronger person. I have taught myself how to handle stress, how to overcome and basically how to live my own life freely...for myself. 
I never expect anything from anyone but it would be nice to have someone call once in awhile. Even just to ask how I am doing. Someone to just say Hi. To encourage me to enlighten me. Perhaps that is too much to ask for...

What really gets me is that the very people we think will have our backs and will support us through-out our adventures end up no where in sight. Why is that? 

No matter I will continue to be your rock when you need me. I will hold you up if you fall..And if you can't return the favor I will not fret. I am strong enough to hold my own! 

I continue to stay hopeful and optimistic. I know that we as a people are not always so un-supportive and un-loving. Good Souls can still be found! 
I do have some great people in my life and to those I say Thank you! 

--If any of you reading this feel the same way please share! The most important thing we can do in life is Just Support Eachother. 

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