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Happy June

Hey Everyone! I hope this first day of June brought you much happiness! 

I don't know about many of you but June for me is like January 1st. It has always felt as if it is a brand new year. 

June just seems to bring changes with the functionality of life. I suppose it's because growing up we always got that summer-break from school, Right? We were able to slow-down, reset and prepare for the next year.

Honestly Summer just allows me to think less. I get to actually enjoy people, places and things; Rather then being a constant broken record.

If anything June kicks my ass into high gear to work out for summer. 
Sure I work out every-other-month LOL but as soon as I realize that beach trips and poolside living is now in full swing....AHhHh!! 

So yes I have been working my ass off. Squats, Crunches, Push-ups, Calf raises, and then little tweaks to those basics. I am feeling good and sore. Seriously Anything I can manage to do from home, I am doing it! (I have to figure out how I can make videos and pictures to share with you guys!)

June also comes with serious wardrobe changes and makeup changes!
I live in the Palm Springs desert. This heat is no joke! On any given day it can reach about 115 degrees. I've even seen 120 here in summer. I basically live in nothing but dresses, some shorts & tank tops. 
Even my makeup also turns a whole lot lighter. Can you even picture a full face of makeup in that heat :/ WELL unless its a good water-proof brand...Wait who am I kidding my makeup is already light. I am not cool at makeup applications. Used to be...trying to be...haha!

Summer oh I have waited forever for you! Yes it gets hot and miserable but I prefer that over the cold. My skinny ass cannot handle the weather under 70 degrees. I grew up in this desert, I know nothing else. Crazy right?

This winter/spring season lasted way too long. 

My goals this summer: NONE! 
We are going to fly by the wind. Beach trips, Zoos, Amusement parks, all travels will be done last minute. Why? Because we can! And its funner that way ;)  
I will blog about it, every chance I get. Southern California just offers way to much to not take advantage and share it!

Life does not always have to be written out! Smile, Laugh, Tell a joke..even if its terrible! Dance, Sing, Do something you haven't done in a while. Take chances, Live your life. Free your soul and See what you find! 
OR Just Hang From A Tree 

Have a Beautiful Summer! Make It Count!

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