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Sassy New Hair Color & Review : Loreal Power Red R57

L'Oreal POWER RED - R57

Happy Tuesday! 
So anyone who knows me, knows that I am not afraid to play around with my hair. I have been platinum blonde - black, super short - long, and everything in-between. I get tired real easy with my hair and I like to change and spice things up a bit ;)

Lately my new obsession has been going RED. Not any red, I want that "plum red'. That 'wine red". Seriously I sat here for weeks looking on  Pinterest and Youtube and websites of all kinds in search of reviews and perfect hair colors. Although I cant really count on reviews because we all know that unless we find that perfect match of someone to ourselves, we can never really know what the outcome is....

I suppose it was more to sike myself up for such a drastic change. 
 I wont lie, I was scared to do this job. I knew that it'd be messy. I knew the color may not come out as I hope and I even had back-up dye just in case ;) I also prepared myself to not go out the next day if it really came out bad, LOL!
Come on - that's genius isn't it ?!

Anyway I had picked up the Loreal Power Red in R57 - Medium Intense Auburn - a few weeks prior (Yes it took me a few weeks to suck it up and go for it). My current state of my hair had been a golden medium brown with highlights I had done myself months ago. My natural color is a dark brown.. SO naturally I was worried about how it would take BUT I did it.

These last two pictures really show the color as I had taken the pictures outside.  
I LOVE that it looks a little plum-y , which I did not expect since this box was at the brighter pink spectrum of the L'oreal power-reds line.
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My Thoughts:
Overall I am very happy with it!! It came out better then I had expected. I used to boxes for my thick long hair. The color blended in well and does not look orange (which was what I had feared). My roots seem to look a little hotter then the rest of my hair but it actually does all blend in. Remember that, at the top of the head your hair lays flat so of-course it may look stronger. The color grabs nicely and spreads easily with little effort and my hair does not feel dry and stringy.

The box says 25 Minute process time; BUT the whole process in its entirety took me 2 hours - That is way longer then it usually takes me to dye my hair.  I suppose I just used extra caution with applying a drastic color change (as one should) and the Cleaning up/ Washing process was alittle bit of a pain. 

Alittle advice if you are considering....
1) The dye is runny and you MUST lay out newspaper EVERYWHERE! 
2) Rub vaseline all over your outer face, neck, chest, EVERYWHERE lol. Red is no joke! My finger nails stained red from washing out the color. But I had clear nail polish on so it came off easy. **I perosnally don't use the gloves to wash my hair. I feel like the laytex makes my hair ugly.
3) Washing out will take forever... I could not even get the water from my hair to run clear like the instructions say,, but in my investigations I knew this would happen!
4) Wear clothes you don't care about and use old towels. However I did throw everything in the wash right after I was done and surprisingly it had washed out. Not perfectly but mostly.

 Thanks so much for reading! I will keep you posted with the color as time passes and the maintenance. Let me know what your thoughts are and if you have tried or are interested in trying. Have a Beautiful DAY!

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