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Skinny Bitch...That's Me

All my life I have been thin. No joke like stick thin! 
I am 5'2 and I fluctuate between 95-100lbs. Anytime I am over that boy am I excited! My highest I have seen is about 104, never anything more. Well except for the few times I have been pregnant. Even then I gained the most weight with my last and that put me at 117. Meaning I only gained what 15lbs or so.

Now I am very healthy. I eat right, take vitamins, exercise...all that fun stuff. I in no way shape or form have any disorders, issues etc. well except for my craziness ;)   My babies all came out perfect and healthy, so no problem there!

The problem, I think, is my metabolism works very fast. I mean as a kid I remember eating dinner then having to poop in the middle of it LOL. TMI?? (Hah nothing is TMI for me anymore). I can eat for days but nothing sticks. But I can get bloated like none other! I guess I do have a little stomach irregularities.

I remember growing up in school I was teased constantly for being skinny. I was called some nasty names and I hated it! I tried all I could to gain weight but I couldn't. --I was not that perfect cute skinny girl either. My legs and arms were skin and bones while my belly was always slightly bigger. I never looked as cute as the other cheerleaders in their uniforms--

Even now as an adult I constantly get that weird/evil eye, second glance, "need to eat" "too skinny" remark...seriously I am over it. People want to always judge and make rude comments. Say it all you want but that will not change me one bit

I am stuck living with constant judgements of my weight. Constant guessing that I am 18. Constant stare downs and questions and disbelief that YES I HAVE 3 KIDS and YES THEY ARE ALL MINE! (I have the stretch marks to prove it)

Do they have any idea just how long it took me to finally be comfortable in my own body? To be proud of what/who I am? 
As any other normal girl or woman feels!

Look I still shop in the Juniors sections. I still wear size 0 and 1. I can fit an XS. I can shop at all those frilly little shops catered to teens. I can do that and that's OK. I am looking forward to the day my daughter grows about 5 more sizes and we can share hah! 

Although it is a little weird that my son and his friends are about my size now and my babies have always been oddly big for me. But I have tried's physically not possible. I can't even consume the recommended calorie intake to gain weight. I think it's something like 2800 calories a day! Seriously I have looked into this people! My stomach will never allow that.

Now days my focus is all about working out to build muscle, tone up my body and build up my stamina. Skinny does not mean I am fit. I have to work at that too.

I had looked forward to the notion that after I had the kids and got closer to 30 that I would finally be "normal" and gain some weight. I mean I really had hoped and waited for it! 

Then I just realized one day: Why do I need to conform to what is normal?
I am happy, healthy, confident! This was the way I was made. This is the way all the women in my family for generations have been made. THIS IS ME!

What's my point with this?

-Please don't judge a skinny girl because she's skinny. 
-Don't assume she starves herself. 
-Don't assume shes stuck up. 
-Don't assume she wants to flaunt herself all day. 
-Don't assume it's OK to judge her for being "skinny" if you wouldn't judge someone else for being "fat". 

*I found this picture of Pinterest and it is perfectly stated

Thank you for reading! Have a Beautiful Day!

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