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Travel Tuesday: Family Friendly Aliso Viejo

In light of #TravelTuesday I wanted to share with you one of our Favorite places to stay..
Aliso Viejo, CA is located in Orange County and sits within the foothills next to Laguna Beach; which is only about 5 miles away. Surrounded by hills and plush landscape, Aliso Viejo offers a warmer, sunnier alternative to the closer beach cities. 
To us Aliso Viejo seemed like such a quiet off-the-grid town offering much the same as home here in Palm Springs; but of-course it is not desert-y like here. As we drove throughout the town we noticed so many parks/signs that offered Hiking trails, Camping, Golf and Tennis. It was great actually the amount of outdoorsy activities we found that resembled home--but minus the heatwave. Besides you also get all the nice restaurants and places to stay.
Speaking of where to stay I have to recommend the hotel we always look to first when headed into this area of Orange County:
Marriott Renaissance ClubSport Aliso Viejo/Laguna Beach
We are usual Marriott stayers. The Renaissance brand of hotels never disappoints but this is by far is our favorite! We stayed here for the first time last summer during a quick little beach getaway and it hooked us. This hotel just offers so much for our little family that we want to go just to stay-cation there! 
This hotel is a perfect place for families, sports-lovers and fitness buffs alike. 
It is a mixture of all our favorite things...
Gym - Sports - Spa - Music - Kid Friendly
This Renaissance offers a Full Service Fitness/Gym and Spa known as the 
Renaissance ClubSport

The gym is home to the locals, much like a local Recreation Center/Gym but way more up to date. They offer Sports programs, Camps, Classes,Training and Nutrition Counseling. 
As a guest of the hotel you are allowed to use the facility , free of charge. 
Except unless you are going for the camps, training, etc..the usual!

Best part about this for our family is the indoor Basketball courts and Raquetball courts. Totally family friendly! Baskeball's are supplied and readily available for use. You don't even have to go through the entire gym for the courts. It's right there ground level to the hotel while the actual gym is upstairs. 

Just outside the doors to the courts is the swimming pools. One is a lap pool , usually where the 'Gymies' might go. The other I believe is more of the family pool. Smaller in size but still fits the bill. Next to the Family pool you will find the little kid splash zone. A cute little place for the littles to play! 
However probably one of MY FAVORITE parts About this hotel is that they have a Kids World for infants up to tweens! 
Let me tell you...This Place is Fantastic
You can drop your kids here while you enjoy the other amenities of the hotel! But you can't leave the hotel.

The Kid Zone offers toys, books, playgrounds, game room. All things that each age group might enjoy. The staff seemed great with my kids. Very safe and Very organized. I really liked this place. My toddler really seemed to enjoy it while the other kids, my hubby and I played a little basketball game ;) And even though my toddler did not go along with the crowd (as always) their was an amazing lady who took him and they did their own thing! That's a major Thumbs Up in my opinion!!
Plus it only cost $8 an hour per kid. YES!

The lounge area is nice and quaint. Friday nights they have a live band which we enjoyed our first night there. We had taken the kids for a quick night swim and was able to see and enjoy the music while we were in the pool.

Now we did not use the spa or go into the actual gym so I cannot comment about those areas.
Rooms were nice normal size. Bathrooms were roomy. They accommodated quickly to our requests, parking was plentiful, and checking in/out was a breeze.

Overall we are very happy we stumbled across this place and we recommend to anyone with kids planning to stay in this area, to check it out! 

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