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Alaffia Coconut & Shea Oil - A Brand For the Future

Every once in awhile I sit here and give my hair a good dose of Coconut Oil therapy.  I know, I know you've probably all heard of the wonders of coconut oil and its properties , so I am not going to sit here and explain it all...don't worry ;)

All I want is to recommend my favorite brand and more importantly...WHY

This is Alaffia - Website Link 

Bought at sprouts but I cannot remember how much I paid for it; Less then $10 for sure!  

This particular coconut oil is truly Natural, Raw, Unrefined oil , that can be used on hair and skin. Jar is plastic, has lasted me quite a few months and it is genuinely affordable!

But that's not what I want to tell you.

Alaffia impresses me....

Not only because they have great products but because they actually do a bit of good in this world. They are a reputable company using their resources to provide a wealth of opportunities to those less fortunate then you and I.

Alaffia was founded by Olowo-n'djo Tchala.  
Olowo-n'djo was born and raised in Togo, Africa. His experiences living in such poverty encouraged his urgency to find a way to bring his fellow natives some kind of enrichment and encouragement...The abundance of Shea Nuts were the answers. He began his company based on the natural derived resources of the land and by simply using the culture of his village, they are able to handcraft these products in a natural, normal way and sell them to the vast ever-growing organic market.

Which in turn they are able to:
-Provide for their families
-Get an education
-Receive maternal health
-Aid in Reforestation

Back of the Jar

From Shea Nuts, Alaffia has been able to expanded it's products from other naturally derived resources.

Please, I challenge you to watch the videos of the company HERE

This is not a typical story of rags to riches. This is a true heart story of changing the world...even if just one little bit at a time.


I hope I have enriched your life today. Be grateful and be humble. Please leave your comments. 

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