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Feeling Overwhelmed...But Also Determined

This last week was a true testament of my abilities to go beyond my usual limits. I have not ceased to let an hour go by, by sitting and doing nothing.

I have new projects and new ventures to work on. I've got 'things' to do!

Most 'things' I have done by choice while the others are just part of my daily life and duties as homemaker/mommy...That in itself is never a dull moment!
And I am also a student in college. I need to be able to concentrate, study, take quizzes and have discussions; And then when that was it all over again the next week!

Weeks prior my insomnia had kicked in.
Averaging about 4-5 hours of sleep, my brain just keeps ticking. It keeps dreaming. My ideas are over-whelming me. My thoughts are not stopping and my body wants to just go. I knew that the only way to fix this was to make shit happen! Put my thoughts to actions and build upon them.

My driving force had just became too strong for me to curb. I needed things to be done now. What better time then now. Why not? I have no excuses. My brain wont let me sleep, my body wont back down and my energy is ten-fold, as my ambitions are strong.

Sleep is for the dreamers, I am a do-er!
If I fail, then I fail.
If I succeed, then I succeed.
Either way I am strong enough to do it!

These past few weeks have I proven to myself that my potential , that my abilities are much more then what I realized. My excuses from the past are no longer near. I can manage everything I need to. I can get shit done! Somehow my driving force is unrecognizable and I see that. I see what I am made of...What we all are made of!

If you want something bad enough you will find it in you to do it too!

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