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National Lipstick Day - What's In My Bag

In honor of #NationalLipstickDay 
I just wanted to do a quick share of a couple current lipsticks in my bag!
Coincidentally from both sides of the extreme...

1) Giorgia Armani
Black Gem edition in 39 Shine/Brilliant

I received this lipstick as a gift from lovely cousin a few years ago and I just LOVE it! I can't get rid of it; and I know it's old and probably "expired" by beauty terms BUT HECK it's smooth, moisturized and oh-so-lovely

If you can't tell by the first picture I am almost out ( Yes that is what used lipstick and kids and the heat do to it ;P )  I don't think they make this particular color/packaging anymore :( BUMMER

The color is nude as you can see on my arm, but with just a touch of shimmer!
Giorgia Armani is by far my favorite makeup and skincare Splurges! 

2) Avon
Ultra Color Indulgence Lip Color Peach Petunia & Pink Blossom

I don't know if these are considered 'lipsticks' but they are to me ;)

These girls are Soft, Smooth, Creamy and the SMELL AH-MAZING ! I could eat it lol! They are light but great color on my lips; plus Super Affordable!

I am always cautious about wearing cheap lipsticks. My lips are super sensitive and other comparable brands make me break-out; but these give me no irritation! 
Have a Fabulous Lipstick-y Day ;)

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