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Product Review: Meishoku Delclear Bright and Peel Facial Gel

Happy Skin Care Sunday Lovies

I have a facial exfoliation product to share with you today 
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 This is the Meishoku Delclear Bright and Peel Facial Fruit Gel <--Link to Amazon info

Back of Bottle
This was sent to me  last year from my sister in Japan. Every time she finds a good product she sends it to me, to try it out. 

Honestly I did not have much expectations. It just didn't seem to catch my eye. There was no smell, product was clear, no beads, no foaming, came in a big bottle...Plus I couldn't understand a damn word on the packaging.

What it looks like freshly pumped out

My sister simply gave me some instructions and off I went:
  1) Wet Face  
2) Apply it with circular motions
 3) It will form balls..that is Dead Skin   
4) Gently Wipe/Pat off with Towel   
5) Leave Remainder On!

OK simple!!

Well the first time I used this scrub , I was impressed

My blackheads were gone. My skin looked and felt healthy and vibrant.  Those balls WERE dead-skin. I knew that because some of them wouldn't come off when I was wiping my face (Please don't wipe harshly). Even after I was done, my skin was not super itchy and dry as it usually is with peels, exfoliators and gels. They are always harsh on my skin. 

I did do a bit of research on this product and some say that the balls forming as you rub is simply the 'gel' balling up as normal But I can't say I agree with that; Those balls are not wiping off my face as they should if it was the actual product..

What is looks like as you rub it in. Notice those little flakes.

Some people either wash it off with water , or others  just pat it away. I've done both..

I have also  experimented and exfoliated twice in one sitting because I wanted to see what would happen the second time to really test it. And by the second time it seemed to have taken off the excess dirt and oils that I failed  to grab the first time (maybe I was super dirty that day :P )  It was not overly harsh or anything but I did feel a bit dry the second time. Which means it did it's job! 

I've been using this peel since last year and NO complaints thus far. It is safe enough to use everyday and very easy and simple. Fruit-based which makes it even more lovely.

It is worth trying out. It is super affordable, so your losses if you didn't like it are not life-changing ;)  

Amazon reviewers rate it  4.5 / 5  And  I know most times people think you need to spend boatloads on good products; but just like Good Wine, that is not always the case!


Have a Beautiful SunDay

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