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Red Hair Update


So It's been exactly 3 weeks since I dyed my hair that awesome red color from Loreal Feria R57 and I wanted to give an update as I said I would, So here it is..

Well it's faded! (Not really surprised)
Still red tinted but faded from its bright plumy-red that it was! 
Even the color is STILL slightly running out of my hair every time I wash. I feel like this was some kind of spray on color :/

In the dyes defense, I did not use any red shampoos or semi-permanents to preserve the color. And I also heard that it does take a couple times of dying it to really take the color.

But I did: 
Wash in cold water and washed ONLY 2 times a week

It also doesn't help that my roots are clearly visible now. Thanks to my Natural Growth and Hair Care and newly found vitamin supplements (which I will be sharing soon) my hair grows like a weed! 
Overall I definitely did like the Loreal Feria dye because I loved the color it gave me. But I really only seen the true color of it that first few days and after the first wash (that I waited 4 days to wash) the color was suddenly not as vibrant!

So tonight I am finding myself with a different brand and another red process!

Wish me luck!!

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