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Skincare Sunday - Back2Basics

Happy Sunday Evening Beauties or Monday Morning ;)
I just wanted to re-share this post and remind you all the importance of inner body health rather then just the skin applications of creams, toners, makeup, peels, etc..
So I know there is always a lot of buzz out there about skin care products. Like which ones the best, which not to use, which it used for certain skin types, steals vs splurge...I mean their are a TON of options!

I have a couple of my favs...And yes they are in the more affordable "steals" range. 
Like I always say, I splurge here and there; but having 3 little mouths to feed, that's not always easy!

I could share with you my current skin care routine BUT right now I want to get back to basics! 

Often we are so consumed with product-using that we forget what is most vital!

1) Drink Your Water 
Really ladies (and guys) drink that water. I don't know how many times I hear "I have to force myself to drink water" or "I hate water" or "Yeah I drink a water bottle a day".

ONE water bottle as day?? Only 1?!?!?!!

No that will not suffice. That will not cure dehydration. That will not cure dry skin. That will not cleanse your body sufficiently. That will not flush out water retention. 

Do you realize that our bodies, as adults, are made of 50-65% of WATER! I'm not a scientist but I only assume we need cleanse out our water ;) LOL!!

Water is vital for every part of your body, Inside and Out!

2) Take Your Vitamins 
We live in such a fast-paced world and lets be honest, we don't eat like we should! So it is imperative that we supplement with daily multivitamins. Gummies, swallow-ables, childrens,, Which ever work for you! 

Personally I also take my Hair Skin & Nails vitamins. 

Some may argue with the actual effectiveness of these types of supplements but in my personal opinion, they have worked for me. I started taking these back in February and I have undoubtedly seen a difference in the strenght and growth of my hair and nails; Along with the color and moisture of my skin! 

I don't lie....If you know me...Then you know I'm real with you!!

3) Proteins, Yogurt, Vegetables, Fruits
Seems simple enough.

Protein is vital to any growth in your body! Yes even skin! Protein stimulates! It moves you, it fills you! Take it anyway you choose; Power Bars, Granola, Shakes, etc...

Yogurt carries probiotics that are actually good for your body. Helps with digestive movement but also known to help with skin conditions! Some even apply it to the face directly! Hmmm....Ill try ;) keep you posted!

Vegetables and Fruits simply provide the extra water-soluble vitamins that our bodies need! 
Did I say More Water?  Yes, Yes I did!  

Look I don't eat much vegetables too often but Fruit , Protein , Yogurt..that's my life!

For me, making sure I have these 3 essentials integrated into my daily life is the very start of my beauty routine! I hate the thought of relying on man-made products when we have so much at our fingertips to help us out.
Skin Care starts with your health!   Remember that your skin IS a living organ. Skin care is founded upon your abilities to take care of whats inside rather then beginning on the outside.

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