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Summer Maybelline Favorites

My current Maybelline Favorites!

Living in this unforgiving Palm Springs desert heat it's all about simplistic styling and beauty. 

Well for me anyway!

Sticking with products that provide SPF along with easy natural looks is key to maintaining a sweat-proof and healthy face. 

There is absolutely nothing worse then seeing someone with a Face full of streaks, half gone eyebrows, melting lips, and crumbly mascara! 

Please don't be that person 😜

I use a couple different make up lines but I'm here to show you my most-used and they all happen to be by Maybelline. 

I don't know, Maybe it's because they are soo easy, quick and affordable that I have no qualms using them up; But have lived mostly on these particular products so far this summer and I'm OK! 
....No streaks and all! :P

Products Shown Above

--Master Primer SPF 30 / 200 Blur & Illuminate 
 "Visually blurs tone imperfections & smoothes skin surface"

--Fit Me Matte+Poreless Foundation
FACECHECK: I also use the Dewy+Smooth ---But only when my face is not too oily that day.   It is important to do a Face-check every day! Review on these HERE

--Expert Wear Eyeshadow in Almond Satin
Light nude colors with just a hint of shimmer. It's really a BEAUTIFUL combo of colors that seem to match perfectly with my tan-skin...I'd imagine it goes with any skin-tone.

--Colossal & MegaPlush Mascara 
The difference between the two is that: Colossal gives me that Bold, thick & lenghty look ; MegaPlush gives more eyelash separation, along with the lenght.

All great natural-looking, long-lasting products! All with a great price!

* I also want to note that I do pair it with an SPF 30 Moisturizer! It is vital to protect your skin in the hot summer....As well as all year long!
I don't do too much blush as I feel that the heat puts enough red in the skin then need be!

Have a Beautiful Saturday!
Spend less, Enjoy more ;)

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