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My Thoughts on this Youth Day (From the Archives)

There has been a lot of negativity these days. With Pokémon Go to Racial Outburst. People are debating an abundance of topics and our fear is causing us more pain then we even need to deal with.
Afraid to let our kids out to play, afraid to download an app, afraid to feed them food, afraid to buy that toy, afraid of nothing but everything. We are now in an age where we are taking all this abundance of information and allowing it to defy us as human beings. Instead of living we are sobbing...

Aug 12th, 2015
Realizing today was #youthday it got me all emotional! Thinking about our future, our kids, our values and the pressure our kids live with now. It's hard to digest the realities.

We as society have come so far in the efforts to be equal. To be free. To be what we want to be...Yet we are still setback by the extreme missions it takes to get there. 

How does one live a dream when the dream cost more then reality. The dream is clouded by What If's and How To's and When Will's , Why Then's?!!

Life has changed much...we all know..
It's not safe, we avoid each other, we are cautious and careful, we predict the worst and we certainly don't support each other! 

Have we become so consumed with evil that we then let the evil win! 

I raise my kids to be tough and fight back. I do not like when people say it's not right to raise kids with that strength to defend. I argue that...why not? It does not make them heartless or cruel! It makes them prepared. It makes life realistic! We cannot hide our kids from reality and act like nothing's changed....but we can adapt them to these changes by also instilling a heart of love!

My kids will know there is evil but they shall not be so consumed by it to let it stop them. They will not ignore a cry for help , they will not be stopped by the pressures of life and especially social media. They will learn to support those around them and encourage one another. They will play outside in the dark, stay up late and jump off the couch.

I won't lie, I used to be the epitome of a helicopter parent. I would never let them out of my site, never trust anyone, never sleep over, never go outside after 7pm, never watch anything bad, never cuss, never talk about anything. I was on a real good one!!!

Until the days my oldest son hit 3rd grade and I realized that I cannot shelter them from the world around us. No matter how much you wish or choose to think you can.

It was then that I completely let go of my anxieties and taught instead of sheltered. Essentially chose to not allow this fear to consume me or my kids, b/c then my kids will grow up in fear and never fully have a childhood like I did! They will soon grow up. Change the world. Feel the struggles!

The best thing I can do for them is be here! Be here to do the simple thing of Talking and Listening. Encouraging and Supporting. Critiquing and Teaching.
In conclusion of writing this I see that it is not about which side or which way you choose to view or raise our youth. I believe it's about not letting the hatred of each other condemn our world. Not allowing us, ourselves , to be soo scared that our kids can't be kids anymore! 

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