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Shoe Story

Once upon a time

A Young Beautiful Talented Amazing woman (that's me ;) ) walks into Target and browses the shoe section. 

Not expecting to find anything, as usual, she casually walks through barely glancing around her. 

When to the corner of her eye lay these shoes up-top the rack , thrown there like trash! 

She notices they are showing a little black and cream. Her favorite colors! So she picks them up to inspect and as she grabbed the shoes her heart skipped a beat. 

She shed a little tear, for they were the most prettiest little things she's ever seen at such a Target. Black Cream woven ballet flats with just a kiss of brown....And holy shit they were her size! 

But wait Did they fit? Did they feel comfortable? Were they going to kill her feet?

As she slipped them on it was like angels flying in the breeze and her foot was squealing like a child! They fit they fit!

It was a match made in heaven!!

But wait,
It wasn't over yet.

As she was clutching the shoes with her dear life, her daughter had on another...

A Wedge; with a gold zippered front!
And we all know how this lovely woman (MOM) has become suddenly obsessed with gold-toned things lately!!

Daughter says "Look mom I like these if they were my size"

"Aww honey those are so cute but too bad they aren't your size" Mom said to the little pest that has a heaping load more then she does!!!

As she helped her daughter off these wedges she noticed they were her size 😳 
Quick, as she literally threw her daughter out of the shoes, she slipped them on. "But they are MY size" she says!

Could it be?!

Another pair, Another Fit--
Yes it is true!

She did not believe it as she looked for another , as to get a pair that perhaps was still boxed up; but no , no others in sight , nowhere! 

She wondered then if she should buy both shoes?! 

I mean when did this ever happen in her life..Finding not one but two pairs of shoes that were actually her size, cute, comfy and both on clearence--At a Target store. 

Why was it ever a question?! Really woman!

So this was it. It was a sign. It was meant to be. It was her lucky shoe day!! 
And this my friends is a Shoe Story👠

Target - $25 was total price for both pairs   YEAH BABY!!!!
Have a Shoe-tastic Day


  1. I never seem to find anything i like in Target whenever iv'e been before! Its so difficult as so many people love it, but i just don't! x

    1. I feel you! Target has its hit and misses and shoes are usually such a fail for me...But I was just so glad I got lucky this time ;)


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