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Blogging and Life

So it seems that once again I have taken a hiatus on my baby girl , My Blog
But not by choice, rather by circumstance...Or life as I should call it (but it doesn't sound fancy enough...)

OK so sometimes Life just gets the best of me. I become defeated and merely tread the surface! You know that saying- 
Too Much Shit, Not Enough Time! 
.....That's totally me!

Well the past few weeks I've had some pretty negative energy that drained me (planning to blog about that) BUT I am now feeling like I've actually got my shit together!

No really! I do!!
I hope--

Anywho I realize I have lost a couple followers and others who don't probley even know I'm gone but that's ok, I can move on ;)

Blogging is very important to me. I am determined to not have to take another hiatus again! 

It should actually be quit simple....

--Find inspiration (happens everyday)
--Write (yes, when my hands aren't full)
--Proof-Read (I can do it from my phone- Anywhere)
--Finish up (Sometimes takes longer then the beginning)
--Publish (Click)

Yeah ok but for me , maybe not that simple. If I have learned anything from starting this blog 7 months ago,, it's more then what it seems!

My Solution: 
Come up with a schedule & stick to it!!!

Anyway what was the purpose of this post ?!?!??!.....

Oh I suppose it was to remind you all that I'm still here! I'm not going anywhere! 
I'll be writing up & blowing up your Feeds and Emails real-soon! ;)

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