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Happiness ?!

So I am on Instagram and doing this September Photo Challenge and today was Happiness! 
I just wanted to share real quick my post with you all- 
If I can help someone find strength today then it's all worth sharing!
#septemberphotochallenge #day3 #happiness 

Happiness is not defined but what you have and who you have. Happiness is defined within yourself -

My version of happiness is being myself!

Especially seeing my daughter be herself! 
She is only 8 , only in 4th grade and already dealing with such mean girls! Dealing with such pushy, nasty, terrible attitudes! Such pressures!

It really KILLS me!! 

Her happiness was torn today but No No it wasn't the first time 😔 

I personally dealt with so much of this crap growing up and I will promise you:

I WILL TEACH my daughter her strengths.
TO HOLD her head up high.
HOLD ON to her happiness. 
To just BE HERSELF over ANY and ALL adversity! 

And She WILL GROW to be the most genuine person you'll meet! 
She WILL LIVE for herself as she does now! 
She WILL ACCOMPLISH great things for she will not worry of the things that don't matter. 
She WILL INSPIRE others. 
She WILL NOT be Broken!! 

Some people will love you, some will hate you but being true to yourself is all you need❤️

As her mother I will save her now!
Life is just too precious! 

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