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Fall Favorites

Fall is officially upon us!
I live in the desert, which means I don't get much in way of "Seasons". Its either HOT or COLD....But mostly just hot. Although for me it CAN get cold ( I grew up out here I cant help it)
So my Fall Favorites and must-haves will probably be a whole lot different then yours, depending in what part of the world your in and what weather you live with!
Here I am sharing my fall accessory Favs...
1st - Scarves 
Florals and Prints of all sorts!
What's great about these particular ones? They are lightweight, easy, comfortable and trendy! Best Part...I found them at the Dollar Tree. For such a vibrant color/print, they aren't half bad. In Fact, they are my top Favorites for fall! I can easily pair them with any outfit and when I run around in those ever-popular "yoga pants" , they are great for playing them up a bit!
2nd - Crochet Headbands
I am a sucker for headbands! Got into them over the summer and haven't let them go! These pretties were made by my beautiful friend over at One Step Up Creations Which by the way, she makes crochet handbags and cute bohemian sandals that are to dye for! These headbands are great for fall and winter looks and also keep that forehead warm ;) Especially covering up that messy hair....which I am guilty ALOT of!

3rd - Nail Polishes
Well first off, any nail color at anytime of year is beautiful but in fall I say 'Bye-Bye' to my pastels and lights AND say 'Hello' to Metallics and Sparkles and Shimmers and Blacks and Golds and deep Greens/Blues/Purples....OH MY!!   I can actually pull off these colors without feeling out of whack for wearing a deep color in the dead of summer at 115 degrees :/ (although black is my go-to ALL THE TIME).

4th - Nail Gems
Oh how I love these nail gems. I wore these in the summer and I loved them; but thinking of the possibilities and the outfits that will enhance these gems excites me! 

5th - Hand Cream and EOS
No-Brainer right? Come winter time, even now as it slowly changes, my skin feels much of the effects. It becomes sooo dry and ugly. So I stay hydrated with a good moisturizer But most importantly a good chapstick and good hand-creams. What's great is that I can carry these around with me...and I do!
You all know and heard of EOS but this handcream is from Japan and seriously the best one I've had. Actually did you know Japanese products are some of the best out there?

What are you current fall favorites?
Please Share as I always do love to be introduced to new products! Have a Beautiful Day!!

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