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Fine China - What's It Worth

When I was a little girl My Grandmother had the finest tea set in the world

I would sit there with my little cup and saucer pretending I was something quite important. A Princess perhaps,, secretly hiding my identity from the world.

I loved watching the way my Grandmother would carefully and majestically handle her tea set. 

Each cup is as dainty and precious as the roses that are draw upon them.
Each plate and bowl matching precisely as it should.
The gold trim offering a elegance that only the finest could offer.

As this little girl in love with such a commodity , I would beg, asking over and over again "Grandma, Can I have these when I grow up" , "Grandma, What do you use all these pieces for" , "Grandma, Can I serve it for you"! 

I promised her every single day that I would use them.
I promised her that I would take care of them.
I promised her that my memories of those precious days of having tea & cream & sugar & treats would never go away!

Sure enough one day, quite some years ago, they were given to me.. 

Proudly I displayed them in my view-cabinet. Never touched..

Until soon they found their way to a cardboard box.
Here they sat in this particular ugly box for years. Placed on one of the many racks in the garage, sitting along with all the other storage items.
Eventually I didn't even really think of them anymore.

But just a month ago something ignited in me...
I came across someone that asked me to post 'Something Old' - 

My Grandmothers dishes were my first thought!

I longed to dig in that box...except for some reason I procrastinated.

I kept forgetting- kept making excuses- After everything I promised her,, I was not living up to it.

What a disappointed to myself!

For you see, it has now been a year and 4 months since my Grandmother has passed.
I can't even begin to tell you how much I miss her terribly! 

Oct. 3rd was her birthday. And for her birthday I made no qualms....
I got that box, all dusty, all dirty
The many years of traveling and sitting. 

I carefully began to open it.

My biggest fear upon me....What if I find all the dishes broken? What if they are not as grand as I once thought?

I dived in

Only to find that these fears were absolutely ridiculous!

Everything was perfect.
Perfect and Carefully wrapped from my wrappings years ago.

Deeply into my thoughts, I began to unwrap each piece.
With my daughter right next to me,
as I took each deep breath of relief and each piece was held
I proudly felt that majestic feeling I felt long ago.

Even more magical was my daughter (same age as I when I fell in love with these pieces)
Her eyes were sparkling! 
They were as bright as my smile and her hands were as careful as mine.

We cleaned them up, We admired them, We found the perfect place for them...

In Our Home!
Where they will stay until one day my daughter is old enough to have them next.

So these plates may not look like much to you but they are EVERYTHING to me. 

Sure you can find them anywhere. This pattern is so widely popular and remade.
But they hold for me far more then what money can buy.

These are classic and timeless.
These are MY Grandmother's heirloom.
These are the originals - Not the re-makes!
These are mine!

" Old Country Roses "
Royal Albert 
Bone China
Circa 1962

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