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Makeup Cleaning - Quick Tips

Makeup Cleaning Day
makeup brushes
Hey all!
Just wanted to do a quick post to remind you all to CLEAN YOUR MAKEUP!

Seriously ! I know we don't think about it, we don't have the time, perhaps we just don't feel we need too. But it is vital!

We need to push ourselves!

Let's think about it
I mean yah I have different brushes for each product. I always keep them facing up. I seperate everything. I always apply my makeup on a clean face........OK not always.....AND I do share with my daughter AND my face is ultra sensitive.

So maybe we think were sanitary but it's the little things we do. Don't you wonder what builds up in those puppies? 

Anyway I really , really don't have time to clean my makeup often but when I do It's like everything is all brand-new again! It's a nice feeling!!

So here goes , my best advice for quick cleanings...
(No I am not an expert. Only sharing my personal routines)

Brushes - need a quick rinsing and conditioner - I use the Bareminerals Well-Cared for Brush Conditioning Shampoo as it pulls product out quickly and leaves brushes feeling great. You can even use Baby Shampoo, which works just as well when I've used it!  But if your really in a bind, I have heard of just using some hand soap to wash out the build up. But I would suggest using a natural product if you try this. 
After rubbing the brush with the product, simply rinse it facing downward and squeeze off any excess. Re-Shape your brush and lay it on a towel to dry. Do not use it till its fuller dry. Give it a full day!

Lipsticks, or anything in a stick - can easily be thinly scrapped to remove the top layer and quickly wiped with a alcohol wipe. Just let them air out fully!

Pencils - just need to be sharpened to remove the outer layer. But please clean your sharpener with those alcohol wipes. Sharpeners can build up too!

Now with Eyeshadows, or other powders - I personally don't clean these much but when I do I just scrap that top layer off to remove any yuck. Or I simply wipe with a tissue. Sometimes I will spray a light coat of alcohol to disinfect. No it will not harm your product! (as far as I could tell)

If you couldn't tell I use those alcohol wipes for just about anything. You know like the ones that come in those first-aid kits? 

I am about anything that quick, simple, easy and affordable. They do the trick when I need them too.  Just be sure to let everything air/dry out!

Afterward pay attention to keeping things sealed and outer parts & packaging clean. I generally wipe everything with baby wipes after I am done using them (outer parts I mean, not the actual makeup) when I remember ;)

Pictured is the small alcohol wipe I used to clean off my lipsticks.
Notice that I don't wipe much just a quick rub around and that's it!

Lastly please remember expirations! and please just use your best judgement!
Have a Beautiful Sunday

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