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In Life, I have much going on. Many interests and hobbies. Many thoughts in my crazy little head. Many things I want to do and Many lives I want to live.

It has pained me that I could never actually narrow down what I wanted to do or be in life. I focus on one thing and then all of a sudden my focus will shift to something else.

Don't get me wrong...I can be pretty bad-ass with anything I set my mind too. But I shift. I grow , I learn. My mind dreams of infinite possibilities.

Here I am today - Mommy, Blogger, Baby-sitter, Home Pre-School Teacher, Make-up Distributor, College Student (working on Business Degree now after changing twice)
AND I have so many other things I want to add or have already added to that list:
Wine-Connoisseur, Make-up Artist, Marketer, Manager, Author, Philanthropist, Business Owner, Counsler....

Look at this Blog...I can't even narrow it down to on subject/niche!

I take the things I love the most and work on them.

At times I think I am such a loser for having being all over the place. For not being 1 thing, for not focusing on that one thing...But then I realize that I don't have to!

Sure I have my responsibilities that I tend to. I am still a grown-up, I need to work as anyone else does....but any time I can squeeze in to devote to any of my projects I do.

I am restless in a way that I tend to keep busy even when I am already busy....Even when I am exhausted!


What I really wanted to do was share this 'TED TALK' with you.
It is inspirational and motivating. It will change the way you think and talk to your own kids about that ever-present question of "What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?"

Emilie Wapnick speaks with passion that I instantly felt. Please watch it and let me know your thoughts

Are you a Multipotentialite?   I'd like to think I am ;)
So when my daughter said the other day "I want to be a Ballet Dancer or a Stewardess or Nurse or Teacher or Clothing Designer" and my oldest son says "I want to be a Basketball Player or Lawyer or Judge or The President"

I say 

"You can do every one of those things!"
And I am not lying to them either

Think about it!

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