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My Paper Obsessions

Good Evening, Wherever you are in the world today!

Let me start off by saying that I have the coolest friends👯 
One of them just so happens to be the most awesome crafter ever. (I will be posting more about her later ;)
So she didn't judge me when I confessed to her how much I ❤️ paper📜 

Like Seriously....
If you don't know, I AM Obsessed with paper!!

Journals, Notebooks, Cards (anytype of cards), Planners, Post-It's,,, just about anything I see  I buy! Ribbons, Twine, Folders, Pens...I don't even know what I'm buying 😆 I don't even really use it, but if its cute, catches me eye, has quotes or colors I dig on, ITS MINE!

If you recall my last post about my shopping adventure at the Target Clarence & Dollar Sections you would have gotten a glimpse into my obsessions.

I don't even know what it is about this obsession.
Its like something uncontrollable...OK maybe I can control it but it is so hard too! But why should I?? I mean , I mainly find all the cute little things in the dollar or clearance sections of my favorite stores anyway!

What's worse?! Is that I am obsessed with the smell of paper!
YES you heard that right. The Smell Of Paper an old book or a magazine, I will open them and smell them before I even begin to read. LOL As embarrassing as that is to say, I am being honest LOL 

But besides the smell, have you ever, ever really looked at the paper that's out there. That damn scrapbook paper (whatever you call it) comes in infinite designs.  OMG I cant even describe.
I challenge you to go down to your local craft store and walk the paper aisle and tell me you didn't see at-least 10 designs you loved!

And Actually it is quite awful...
I have even become a planner obssessor as-well! I seriously just purchased planner number 5!!!!

Well in my defense...I gave one to my sister-in-law , so that only left me with 4 and to be even more fair,  2 of them are about to expire come January! SO there!
Planners, Stickers, Cards, Ribbons, Twine...OH MY

Now back to my friend....
She freakin rocks! She has been so kind (and kinda crazy to support my obsession) by bringing me tons of her old paper she does not care to lose.

I mean I have been in paper heaven here! Come on!

What will I do with it all??

I have no idea...
My collection just keeps on growing...and if I did nothing with it, I'd still be happy to admire it all.

But perhaps with her around to push me, to inspire me with her crafts, as she is, my artisitic side will bloom again so you better watch out !!!! ;)

Some gifts from the Lovely Friend
Paper Paper Paper

Please Tell Me I Am Not Alone -


  1. Lol oh my you are the sweetest ever! And trust me, you are not alone! There are tons of paper lovers out there, and I am more than happy to be an enabler...just don't tell the hubs it's me!


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