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Coloring is Over-Rated

No, No Not Really!
Coloring is not over-rated. I love studying art and colors in the world around us; BUT my youngest is definitely not me

As you may know, or may not, every day I spend a little time with my 4-year old with what we simply call 'school-time'. We work on the usual; Numbers, Letters, Reading and sometimes, Coloring.

AH the word Coloring ... I can't even define it. My very thoughts of what coloring used to be or mean is not the same for which I know it now.

The simple 2 words of "Let's Color" , gives my 4-year old (Mason) sickness. All of a sudden his stomach hurt...he's tired...his hand hurts...blah blah blah

Here's the daily break down or whenever I can convince him:

1) Pull out the heaping box of crayons we have.
2) Mason dumping ALL of it, every single crayon, marker, pencil on the floor.
3) Throwing them up and proceeding to say "Its raining"
4) Another 15 minutes as he sorts through and picks out every single shade of blue (his favorite color) and line them up in a row
5) 2 more minutes of staring at them like they are some kind of poisonous objects
6) Pick up just 1 crayon and ignore the rest. YES just 1 !!

Finally - As if it's actual Instructions from Mason's head:
Hold in your fist , Sigh, Slam it on the paper and literally just Swing your arm side-to-side in no orderly fashion. Keep doing it till mom looks away and then say your done!!!

Obviously he merely does it to shut me up. Scraggly, unfinished, no care-taken and He is DONE!

Really Mason - That's not even wall status!!!

SO imagine my surprise when on a particularly unusual day (he must have been sick ;) I again asked him to color...

This silly 4-year of mine ACTUALLY picked out a few, yes A FEW DIFFERENT color crayons and he colored! He precisely held the paper down with one hand , while carefully coloring each one of those darn little xylophone keys in different colors AND he managed to almost stay in the line.

OH YES I took a picture of that!!
Look at his grasping hand and his intense focus on coloring perfection. I couldn't help but sit there and watch in amazement.  I just couldn't look away from this milestone.
I was proud, ecstatic, like we've just overcome some kind of hurdle!
My son had finally took in a love of art! That was the end of the craziness!!
After that 1 little xylophone he was done. That sweet situation NEVER happened again LOL
I know, I know, I don't expect much. As far as I am concerned he doesn't have to love it. But I seem to know now that he is perfectly capable. He just chooses to live outside the lines!!
Perhaps colors are just not is fortay. Naturally his favorite color next to Blue is Black :)
Who knows he could be the next great artist of the world
But I'm not holding my breathe

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