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Complimenting & Loving, Beauty in ALL

DO you ever wonder how in regular day-to-day life, one never seems to compliment another?

I mean unless that other person is your friend!

But a stranger...maybe not so much...

As women we don't even seem to look twice.
What is it that we find so important that we cant look someone in the eye and say "Your Beautiful"

I am often overcome by the responses I get when I see someone new and just so happen to say something nice. 
Whether its a passer-by, a friend of a friend, an acquaintance; If I see something of beauty I SAY IT.  When I find something attractive about them I SAY IT! Yes, most times I speak too loudly , trust me I KNOW!

Yet their is something amazing that happens after that

They smile a certain smile you wont catch any other way. The eyes light up and I see them relax in a way I wouldn't have ever seen before and it's like suddenly we are old friends. 
(OK I usually leave it off with a laugh, my dork-ness knows no other way :P ) 

It's just the simple things like "Your Gorgeous" , "I wish I had your hair color" , "Your lipstick looks good" , "Where'd you get your shirt"...and which by-the-way I mean it all!!!

However I sit here and realize that more then often, I am the one saying it first.

--Listen I am NOT a beauty queen. I have many MANY flaws--

But today the best thing happened

I was complimented! 
In a quick 2 second clip , it changed my night!

It really caught me off guard that a strange unknowing woman turned around to me and actually complimented me!

My outfit that I had precisely put together, even though I know no one may notice, she said it was "nice, cute, she liked it".

Do you realize how that made me just feel happy inside!
NO I don't dress for the sake of someone noticing me or complimenting me BUT it is so rare for a stranger to approach me that I am happy that their is still a radiant non-hating light in this world. This world of.....well words hard for me to explain!

It just got me thinking
If this lady made me fell such content inside , Is that what I am possibly giving these other women?

Am I able to make some new strange women feel good about herself by 1 simple compliment?

Will she take that with her the rest of her life with confidence. Just as I have?

Now why cant we ALL do that?

Why must we hide and tear each other down? SURE we compliment one another on the internet and social media....But would you actually say it to someone you might think was a nothing?

What is your fear?
Giving them a hot-head?
If you are a women don't you realize the self-reflection and confusion we face everyday? The pressure? The strength we all share? And the struggles? Will it kill you?

I am a nothing! I am existing as I am!
But what this 1 woman did for me today was made me smile! She gave me a story to tell my husband and she , if only for today, MADE MY DAY!

SO thank you, whoever wherever you are!

Please I urge you to find the beauty in all of us. For there is!
*Don't be afraid to be vulnerable.
*You don't realize that the beauty you find in another person is in you too!
*Sure you may not have the perfect skin, but you may have a perfect smile.
*You might have a lazy eye But your hair is miraculous.
*Your teeth may be crooked But your feet are perfect size
*Your makeup-less But your voice is mesmerizing

Take a Compliment , Make a Compliment. You might just find it more satisfying to compliment another & see their face light up, more then just receiving it ;)

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