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Be Fierce Friday - Get Moving

Fierce Friday Slay Work Motivation Weekly
I must admit these past few days have been a blur. I seemed to have been skimming along my days while not being very present. I essentially scale back on my interactions. Lose myself almost completely and put myself in my own little bubble.

Then I wake up!!
"Jeanette what the hell is wrong with you. Get off your ass and do something!"
OK OK!! Geez!

Although sometimes it is not easy to find any motivation or willpower , we must give it to ourselves. NO ONE else will do it. I posted this quote on Instagram last night "Darling don't forget to fall in love with yourself first".  Loving yourself is the only way to kick your own ass to get moving!

What you need to do right now to get moving:
  1. Pep Talk. Ask Yourself, What the hell IS wrong with you? Why are you feeling the way you do? Where is this sappy mood going to take you? Since when does a mood like that get you anywhere in life? How is it affecting your productivity right now?
  2. Get Dressed and Put On Some Makeup. Really! When your in a rut, the simple things such as getting dressed , putting on that coat of mascara and feeling like you look good will radiate to working good! Think about it, who wants to waste a good outfit or an on-point MOTD! NOT ME!!
  3. Do Something. Think of just one thing you need to get accomplished and do it! Seriously just do it! Pour some coffee, or tea, or heck even WINE and do it! Have as many cups or glasses you need to wake your ass up and DO IT. The more you just think about it, the worse it gets.
  4. Music. Well I prefer that gangster rap or maybe a little Britney Spears, whatever your preference blast it! Heck shake what your mama gave you and sing like you own it! Don't be afraid to look silly, and if you feel silly while your doing it that's even better, laugh at your self and smile because you know you've been wanting to do that for a long time ;) This will release those endorphins that your mind needs in this frumpy state.
  5. Plan. Write down a simple to do list. Fill in that planner and reorganize. Then decorate it! Decorate it so beautifully that you want to go back to it even more every single day! Write yourself quotes and words of encouragement, messages and why not even draw pictures!
Then see where your at!
I bet you might feel a whole lot better. Even if only just slightly you are probably better off then you were before you read this!

So get out there and SLAY THE DAY!
What are your tips to get moving when your in a slump?

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