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Date-Night and My Rap Game

Happy Monday!

Over this past weekend the Hubby and I got to have a much-needed date-night and naturally we took it back old-skool to watch one of our favorite rap groups. (OK maybe it's more mine then his)

Bone Thugs N Harmony had been a staple of my life growing up. When the song "1st of tha month" was released I was just 10 years old! Sure maybe I was too young to listen to that kind of music but it is what it is.

I remember my cousin, sister and I would sit there with our cassettes, rewinding and pausing as we'd write down all the lyrics to the songs. We knew them by heart after a while and then yes we could rap too!

Looking back I see these little Hispanic girls sitting there getting their rap game on. With a touch of our wanna-be version of gangsta dancing. They took one verse I took another.

This didn't just happen with Bone Thugs, we also rapped Warren G, Dr. Dre, Lighter Shade of Brown.. LOL Yes I loved every minute of it! (Should I dare ask if you even know who these people are? minus Dre cuz he is everywhere)

So naturally when I heard they were coming to town, I jumped on that!

I sat here listening to them for days before the event. ALMOST remembering every word while my kids just laughed at me saying "Mom it sounds weird" , "you cant rap"!

My response...Singing louder!

So when the night came for me to go, my brother whom is 18, came to watch the little crazies. He asked me who I was going to see and he totally looked at me dumb-founded.

He had NO CLUE who Bone Thugs N Harmony was...NONE!
What the hell is wrong with him....

SO I played a video on my phone, told him to listen to it. Then as I walked back to my room to finish getting ready, my oldest son yells out "MOM HE ALREADY TURNED IT OFF" .

I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants

He barley heard a minute of it and shut it down!!

Am I that old?!?!?!

NO I am NOT I tell you!!

Whatever! Doesn't matter...For the record I had a great time!
I danced, rapped my little heart out and looked good while I did it!

Thank you very much! (tongue sticking out)

#OOTN - Outfit Of The Night
Still got my style game on tho
So now you know I was sort-of a rap-loving kind of kid
But nothing really beats Michael Jackson

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  1. Ba-ba-ba-bone...bone...bone.....🎤🎶🎧 loveeee!!!


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