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Fullips Lip Enhancer Review

Fullips Review Lip-enhancer
OK now don't judge me!
Listen I am just like everyone else...wanting something you don't have.
And naturally as with most, I want fuller lips! You know those luscious lips, like Angelina Jolie?
 Or  truthfully just have freakin lips that are even?
My family did not inherit a good lip gene. Our top lips are significantly smaller then the bottom. WHY? WHY?????

Yet being the chicken that I am however I just cannot go the surgical route and I wonder if I did, would I regret it later?! 

I can't quite remember where I heard about Fullips but I do know that when I did, I did my research and QUICKLY ordered them.

What do I think?

They are pretty darn legit!
They definitely enhance the lips, making them appear fuller and I can even tailor to how big I want them AND each lip size ;) 
It's true!
Even the design itself is comfortable and cute 

However I cannot for the life of me get super lasting results...and I kinda don't wanna be that girl in the bathroom sucking my lips-on..LMAO!!
 Learning to suction correctly is a process of much practice.
I'll be honest,  I gave myself blisters! 
And if your not careful you will chap and mark up the outside of your lips.
Pictured above are the sized in Small (right) Medium (left).
Small is for areas of the lip you'd like to target. Like upper lip, center of the lips, etc...
The Medium is an overall lip enhancer (or at-least it is for me)
They also have a Large one, but I am on the smaller scale, I think if I went large I'd look like a horse lol!
Overall I think they are a cool concept. I don't use it often. Maybe when I am going out or want to practice using it!
For the life of me, I need to figure out how to get the better results as I have read and seen so many other reviews getting!!
Overall I recommend anyone to try them.
Try out those big-lips before taking the leap to forever :)
I have to say the package was really cute and the founder Linda is Ah-mazing! She is a company I am proud to support. She personalizes every sale and encourages friendships.
Thank you for you amazing company and beautiful work ethic!

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