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My Boys

Looking at my boys it simply amazes me how they are so alike but also so very different. Between the 6 year gap they are like mini-me and big-me.

Both are left-handed
Both have the same head of hair
Both have big eyes and
Both stick their tongues out when concentrating

The differences however are like Night and Day.
For reference, think of the 4-year old as Night and 11-year old as day.

First off,
Night likes to wrestle and hit.
Night likes to scream and yell.
Night does what it wants, says what it wants and laughs when he wants.

Day is mellow.
Day is quite and respectful.
Day is coming of age but Day knows his boundaries and he listens.

Day is just now testing the waters while Night is already testing them!

Night and Day simply take different energy 

I sit here and wonder how the hell they ended up so differently? What made Night come out into this world with such a strong personality?!
I mean I love Night to death but -  Night ...Will you ever settle down?!?!?

Then I ask myself  - Do I want you too?

You are energetic, full of strength and strong-minded. You know what you want and I know you will fight for it. You are daring and brave.

Yet you are always so full of smiles and laughter. Always so wanting to snuggle. You give a kiss and you want hugs. 

I see you. I know you.

So To Both My Boys

I am grateful to raise such different men. I am proud of you even when you drive me crazy. My wish is that you will always be together. Stay close, don't change and look out for one another. You will need each other as you get older. In way you may not see now! Day your brother Night will need you but you will also need Night at times you may not even know.

My boys!

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