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PIYO Workout: Feeling Hopeful

Good Morning Fellow Beauties,

Last night I totally went on an impulse and purchased that Piyo Workout!

What is Piyo?

As far as the infomercial said ...
It is a low-impact workout that integrates both Pilates and Yoga, along with some free-standing Cardio.  
The main goal is to lose inches, to improve flexibility, core strength, and build long-lean tone muscles.

And while I don't necessarily need to lose inches. I do need ALL the other areas of improvement!

Piyo is distributed by BEACHBODY which happens to be the same makers of P90x, Insanity and many more, so I figured it has to be a good program right?!

It is very rare for me to have any extra time for anything. Between the kids, school, blogging and houshold duties I rarely can find time to hit the gym....or really even want to! I guess you could say I feel a little intimidation going to the gym with my little petite frame and I really hate to pay and get stuck for years (that's happened to me)

So the other day I was in the midst of reading when I happened to look up at the TV, which was now running infomercials after ESPN Sports Center, to try and refocus when I see Maria Menounos (LOVE HER) That lady is a Beauty! She immediately caught my eye!

She is raving about how great Piyo is.
Now usually infomercials make me cringe but for some reason this damn infomercial got me! It got me good! lol

For the record I have always been intrigued by pilates and yoga and have always wanted to invest more time to be amazing at it. I see other women and I am just envious! I am small, sure, but I don't have that kind of awesomeness!! Stretching is probably my only and best attribute ;) Thanks to those cheerleader years

I quickly decided to try this Piyo thing for these main reasons:
  1.  I can do it from home
  2. I don't need to hunt down a sitter
  3. Does not take up hours worth of time
  4. Easy to follow and supportive
  5. Integrates all the thing I want at a level I want
Oh and I can do it from the comfort of my own Home!!! <--Emphasis 

I am excited to try the program. I needed something like this to really tackle my fitness goals. I will continue to update as I move along.
Would anyone like to JOIN ME?
Lets start this together!

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