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Be Fierce Friday - Warrior

Warrior "a brave or experienced soldier or fighter"

Red  "a strong symbolism of life and vitality. It brings focus to the essence of life and living with emphasis on survival. The color of passion and lust. Enthusiasm, Interest, Energy, Action and Confidence to go after your dreams and Protection from fears and anxieties"

These very definitions are the essences of our strenght! A reminder of the Warrior we all are!

Some days it may seem that we are defeated and dead. 
Caving under pressure and Afraid to live in this chaotic world.
Falling into the trap of worthlessness. Fear of failure. Afraid for the next step. Not sure what we will find...

However without any of the failures we would never uncover our strenghts. I am only here to remind you today:

-To Be Strong
-Never give up
-Stay Brave
-Stand Tall
-Feel Beautiful
-Be Proud
-Keep Fighting
-Love Life
-Be Happy

You and I , can do anything and take on this crazy world!

Sure we will face a lot of changes and adversity in this world, but we were also built with the ability to take them on.

I have undoubtedly have had my challenges in my life. AND Yes I will call my self a Warrior because I am one! Look I am still here today! Thriving and living and happy. Of course my challenges are not over but I have come too far not to keep fighting for my life.

Appreciate the life and energy that you have right now and live it! Live it with strength and courage and happiness!
Be the Warrior you were made to be! 


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