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Piyo Workout: Week 1

It's official - I made it through week 1 of PIYO

PIYO Fitness Yoga Pilates Journey

Did it kick my ass?
Did I die?
Let me tell you....
The sweat feels so lovely dripping off my face.
The buns and legs burn with a vibration that feels oh-so-nice on that millionth warrior pose,,, thrown in squats along the way.
My arms are almost falling off as I do my 50th tri-cep push-up.
AND That crouching-crow....OH that is my favorite!!! hahaha (sarcasm)

In all honesty I find that I am loving this program. It works my body in a way I don't think I worked it before. I do not need weights or extra equipment...Just my trusty yoga mat!
I really have never done anything like this before. NO previous Yoga or Pilates experience. I have always wanted to but never did.

PIYO has been so easy to follow. Easy to learn the steps and despite my opening with whining ;) .. I actually do feel good!
My posture has improved. My legs and arms feel somewhat stronger (like I actually used them). And my stamina getting better at keeping up.
I think from the beginning of last week to today, I have improved! maybe only slightly but heck I feel it!

Each day varies in time-length. The sessions last anywhere between 45 and 20 mins.
Now don't assume that the short 20mins is a piece of cake, this lady --->Chalene Johnson, she is fierce and pushes you to your limits in those 20mins. It might even be the longest 20 min of your life the first couple times you do it!
But she is also lovable!!

My PIYO adventure is following the specific calender below. It was provided to give the best results in a 2 month period. Each month is different. Once that is over you can continue with 2 additional months that give much more intensity.
I've only just begun week 2 today!

PIYO FItness Month1

This week will add on CORE which I really am looking forward to
At this point I am not really doing anything else except PIYO
My schedule is not really allowing extra time these days but I guess I might actually see what happens if PIYO was the only thing I did
I am just happy to have found a program that works for me.
I don't need to lose weight. I need to get toned and tightened. I may be thin but not in shape by any means...SO please don't judge me 

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