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PIYO Workout: Week 2

TO say that I have made it past week 2 is an accomplishment in itself
This last week was very busy
Most days I was not able to get my workout in until 4, 5, 6 or even 7pm . Usually I can get my workouts done in the morning or just after lunch but that did not work out, as Life of-course got in the damn way AGAIN
For that I had to sacrifice dinner-time....
OK maybe not so dramatic. But I certainly had to push everyone's dinner back till I was done.
You know, because I am the ONLY one that all 4 other household members overly depend on!! Real Shit!
One day I managed to squeeze in PIYO before taking off to the kids activities at 6:00 and we didn't end up having dinner till after 8pm!
Sure it is not the typical time or situation that everyone pictures but we were all OK. We didn't die, the kids made it to school the next day and we are going on with our happy little lives.
In fact, my kids have become so impressed at my dedication that they even told on me when my daughter didn't have her hair in a proper bun for ballet class; "My hair is messy because my mom didn't have time to do it...She was doing PIYO"  (Really glad I was not in the room to hear her rat me out)
Soo not the typical mom but I am a mom-on-a-mission.
This week should fair better then last in regards to workout times but you never know what life is going to throw at you. You need to be ready to adjust and your commitment game has to be strong. No one else will push you. You already know that!
PIYO still has been great to me. I am seeing most results in my arms and my butt feels rounder then it has in a while ;)
After just now finishing up Day 15 , I am officially well on my way to getting through Week 3! YAY ME! I have no plans to stop or give up...even if that means working out at 9pm!
Piyo Workout Mom Fitness Goals
Late Night Piyo Session----DEAD but trying to look enthusiastic
Pictured above is where you would have found me Saturday night. Making do with a tiny space in my bedroom. My usual area of the family room was taken with company, so I moved it and got it done! It sure may not have the best but I made it work. I almost wanted to skip that day as I had had a long day already and not in the best mood to exercise BUT #noexcuses

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