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Be Fierce Friday: The Bad about Good Intentions

This week I was reminded that while some of us have the best intentions others don't
When we go about our life every day we are constantly making decisions and taking actions
My actions can be irrational and strange sometimes...I mean I am not perfect but my intentions are usually always good
The part that bothers me most is when our good intentions are taken for bad ones. When good intentions are taken advantage of. When we are being lied too, manipulated, talked down to and sometimes even wind up looking like a fool in the end.
What is this satisfaction people get by befriending someone and then unfriending them? What is it that makes you have authority to belittle someone? What are you afraid of when someone is so real with you but you are so fake?
Sure I could shy away everybody. Go back to my little hermit hole
I could but I won't 
Not after working so hard to be who I am today and having the strength that I have!
HAH it's true! Why should I allow anyone to push me aside? Why should you?
No one person should have that power.
I wont lie, I have said it before, I am guilty of loving too fast. Guilty of trusting words and believing in people when I shouldn't have and I have been crushed; no surprise!
But at this point I have also learned to let go. Might take a couple days but I find that I am happier with myself when I accept my faults and glad to have seen theirs.
Isn't that the great thing about life? Days come and go! Every single day is a new day to forget the past (yesterday) and enjoy the present (today) and plan for the future (tomorrow)
I know you hear it all the time and I understand that for some of you things are not so easy to dismiss. The thing to remember is that our Good Intentions are usually meet with Good Feedback. But when good intentions go bad for some unforeseen circumstance,, Whether someone chooses to see that "good intention" or not is purely up to them and their own mindset
So here are my words to you:
1) Dwelling on yesterday will not move you ahead tomorrow
2) If yesterday is a problem for today and you have to face it, Face it with Confidence. Gather your thoughts , hold on tight and put on your game face.
3) Kill it with kindness. Often people want that nasty reaction , then they know they got you! HELL NO!
4) Talk it out. Talk to someone you trust. Preferably someone not close to the situation and let it all out! "SCREAM & SHOUT & LET IT ALL OUT" (Black Eyed Peas)
5) Stick to your own truth and never allow ugly situations to define you.
Although others can be suckish , there are others who are Amazing
Your ability to be authentically you is what most people dream of
The hustle you have to live and rock your dreams is what most people desire

Set backs and negativity are part of life. Learn from it and move on! Their are far too many greater things for you out there!

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