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Be Fierce Friday: Just Have Fun

Happy Friday!
I am back for another #BeFierceFriday tip/post...whatever you wanna call it ;)
And today I wanted to talk about the importance of just having fun and showing your true nature!
So often in my life I was quiet. I didn't speak much, always on the backburner and certainly never wanted to be that dork you seen walking down the street. I tried much to be prim and proper. I did a great job at being "stuck-up". My smile was rare, my fun side was minimal and my Bitchness was on-point. I could really rival anyone who tried to do this like I.
But let me be honest here, I also held on to a lot of negativity. A lot of resentment and fear. Which ultimately never let me actually live.
Then something happened
I think it was around the time I turned 26. I had a lot going on then..(more on that later). Simply I think at this point I found peace. I found me and I was not afraid to live anymore!
I decided that this time in my life, I will never get back. I have the best life I could have and I need to just fu$*in live it!
You know what I found from just living and being me?
No, really! I smile so much more then I ever did
I was always good at being real and not caring what anyone thinks and getting older I am having more fun with ME by allowing my fun side and personality to show. My positivity brings in more positivity.
I even talk to strangers LOL. Some strangers have even become friends!

I laugh out loud, talk out loud, love out loud and dance out loud. I would have never gone out of my comfort zone to take this very picture below 5 years ago!
Even while in the stands I danced and shook my booty...Yah I was the crazy woman you sat next too last game and thought "wierdo" "groupie" "not sexy" "lame" hahaha! (Dont' worry I thought those things too)
But now I get to go home, go to sleep and feel a satisfaction that I lived life!

Be Fierce Friday, Clippers, LA, Fun, Be you, Happy

At some point you have to tell yourself that its OK to have fun!
I have even noticed that when I am out somewhere and being myself , I can just feel the vibration of others around. While some think I'm crazy, other find me approachable and then there I am laughing with people I don't know :)

Just the other day I ran into someone I only know by acquaintance and we striked a conversation that ended up just REAL and Raw...That was the best thing!

If someone does not like you for being real, well then that is their problem...not yours!

I choose fun!
I choose to be happy!
I will dance on the tabletops if I want to!
I will take selfies when I feel like it!
I choose to just have fun. I don't know what tomorrow brings...SO today is my day!

If their is one thing I have learned in my lifetime so far is that shit happens to Everyone! I am just not afraid to be open anymore. I am not afraid to share stories and just talk!

Now go out there and JUST HAVE FUN

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