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Piyo Month 2-Update

Soo I realize it has been awhile since I have updated you all on my PIYO journey

I am now into Month 2-Week 1 of the Piyo regimen. It is getting intense and involves a lot more quick movement and strength. No more baby-shit

While I am not up to pare with Chalene herself (the instructor) I am able to keep up, kinda...
Chalene is amazing and her body is amazing too,, I know I might have a ways to go; And many other different workouts to get those damn legs like hers but I am on my way
These chicken legs of mine MUST GO!
After this first month I must say that I am proud of myself. Proud that I have kept up with it and proud to have my friend and husband by my side to push me!
My girlfriend has come over almost every day to do this PIYO with me. We push each other. We compete and we never ever give up mid-way!
Thank you to my girl for doing this with me!! xoxo
What are my results so far?
Since starting I have noticed my biggest improvement has been my BUNs, LEGs  and ARMs!
My butt has shown the most improvement and my legs have muscle I have not seen since high school! Yeah that long; whatever! My arms are defined...even if only I can tell ;)
Those valuable muscles are forming and I can feel the strength
Hubby will probably be the first to tell you that the Buns are lookin good if anything ;)

Its funny most people want to lose weight......While I want to GAIN it!

All in all, I must say that I have become addicted to PIYO!
So much so that my yoga mat is my life

I am Eager
I am Committed
I am Never Giving UP

I did not purchase this program just to give up! Lord knows how much I dislike a gym...AND rarely have time for it!

Thank you my trusty mat, Thank you for supporting me, I heart you
I even match you!
Piyo Workout Fitness Plan
We shall see where this next month takes me
I am ever so excited ;)

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