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PIYO Month 2: Week 3 DoubleDuty

Hey There Fellow Beauties

I wanted to come and do another update on my epic journey to a fit body or as I might like to call it MILF status or Sexy and Fabulous ;)

I have still been pretty darn consistent and loyal everyday to PiYo
However this month has sure been a challenge!
There is obviously no turning back.. My calender is practically screaming at me every single day  ... SWEAT  SCUPLT  STRENGHT  DRENCH and YOU BETTER DAMN WELL BE READY bi#*& 

UGH this stupid calender!!
Mambi Fitness Planner Calender Create365
Create 365 The Happy Planner- Fitness Planner Extension

No more of that "petty" Lower Body or Upper Body 20 mins. These days range from 30-50 minutes with huge emphasis to make you work! Literally I sweat and I shake!
I am finding this month is ALOT of Arms and Legs.
Which by the way might fall off anytime lol

Quite frankly I am still not able to keep up it the whole time. So I modify.
Modify is my BFF!
Especially those push-ups! I used to be able to do those puppies like clockwork back in the day...but 3 kids later and a boob job,, NO WAY! 
Is it kinda weird that I can work my arms in other ways but push ups?? No Bueno
Yesterday was my most challenging day!
Because of my "wild" sunday , I missed my workout :( 
So what does one do when the thought of missing a workout glooms overhead & your such a freak about keeping your Calender neat?!?! 
Your ass gets moving and does 2 in one day! The one you missed yesterday and one due up today!

Yes I about died! 

My first was done at 10am; the second at 3pm
Luckily I didn't really have anything planned so I was able to space it out strategically and this girl got on her fitness pants :)

OK OK I won't lie by the time the 2nd round came I might of not been putting 100% effort; but in my defense I was already tired and sore from that 10am session!
Yet I did pull through...Got the extra leg squats, extra tricep work, extra butt flex's and all the other freakin extras I did.
I am feeling it today! 
My whole body is sore and achy
Seriously I gotta workout today too?
OK Jeanette you got this girl!


P.S. I am seriously obsessing over my PIYO and Create 365 planner right now...If you follow me on social media you know this...I LOVE my "stupid calender"! Go check out em out, links below

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