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11 Years of Marriage later

YES you read that right....

11 Years of Marriage!

About 2 weeks ago my Hubby and I had celebrated our anniversary with a Romantic getaway that included Wine and wine and.........HAHA j/k!
We celebrated as we celebrate any day. Kids, T-Ball, Basketball, etc, etc.

If you don't realize, my Hubby is not particularly romantic; And I really don't expect him to be.
He was never very good at it and I am never very good at receiving it

Sure I think that while it would be great for any man to sweep a woman off her feet , riding a horse and shit ... It is really just not what I want (I think). OK OK maybe he did sweep me off my feet in his white Mustang when we first meet. That engine and those deep-dish rims...Woah what a hunk (sarcastic) --  I suppose it kinda counts as a white horse ;)

Would you even believe me if I told you we meet at AMPM ?!

No it is true! It was like a weird HI ..No not love at first sight.. More like "Hey how you doin" (jersey accent)
It was not until like 4 or 5 dates later in a span of 6 months that we were like OK it could work.

Anyway at this point, 11 years later we find ourselves in the same laid-back couple lifestyle that we were in years ago. Don't get me wrong we have been through periods of arguing and constant banter. Even as strange as it is, our roles had switched back and forth many times as too who wears the pants and who doesn't.
Ultimately I do ;) or uh I mean we both do?
Seriously how would that even be possible....

I suppose it is safe to say that we both do not expect too much from each other. We live and breathe and survive. I mean what more can you do in a marriage?
Growing up with your significant other, and yes I mean actual "growing up" weather your young or old, can constantly present some sort of marital disruption

But you know what I have finally learned is that you absolutely CANNOT take life to seriously.
I have , we have done that far too many times!

At this point we are genuinely just happy to be ourselves around each other and just have fun. If our ideas of fun differ that day, then so be it! I am still gonna do what makes me smile and he will just have to deal with it; and so then will I!

Simply put, we just support and trust each other. We constantly communicate and believe in one another. Just living and learning along the way. Yes we laugh but we also Cry. Then we learn the importance of  Forgive and Forget

I wont lie this has been a learning curve but take it from me

The sooner you learn to work together,  respect each others boundaries,  mutual trust and open lines of communication and just have fun in life the more your marriage will flourish!
SO long as the woman wears the pants ;P

P.S. We did actually do a dinner date-night for our anniversary :) 

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