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April Hair Care Favorites

Happy Top-Knot Tuesday!

It is no secret that I live in a top-knot bun....Like Everyday almost! 
Oh it is so bad to do that to your hair. I tangles and stresses you hair

OK OK before I get off topic

I am not here to talk about my cool cute messy buns (j/k they are so horrible)
I want to refer to Top-Knot Tuesday as just simply  Hair!

So today I wanted to start off by sharing my hair care favorites / routine I used for the past month of April.

April was a tight-budget month...well aren't we all on a budget?!

So you know how I do my dye my own hair like every 5 weeks or so and it is a red-purple color; which seems that while it wouldn't be as harsh as being blonde, I can tell you it still is.

Anyway I needed some damage repair.
I didn't want the price of the fancier stuff just yet. So I decided to try something cheaper to see if it helped at-all. Which in most cases it does not really

I went ahead with:
- Loreal "Total Repair 5" Restoring Shampoo and Conditioner
- Avon  Advanced Techniques "Recostruction 7" Recovery Mask

I didn't really expect too much, but really to my surprise was not bad

I wash my hair about 3 times a week
Once a week I used all 3 of these products.
Shampoo then Conditioner then the Mask; Which I slathered on my hair and left on about a good 5 minutes.

After which I left my hair to air dry most days as to prevent anymore damage from heat.

I can honestly say that my hair felt less frizzy and much softer with every wash. Of-Course not on the first, its not a miracle cream, but it improved my hair over time after the second wash or so! And for that, I was happy!

The mask smells great and the jar was helpful to actually help see how much I was using. Which in my case is a lot with this think hair of mine!

Overall this Haircare April was a hit!

My hair feels great, smells great and seems to stay fresher and less oily between washes!

We shall see what next month brings!

Any recommendations for me? Let me know! :)

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